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The Freeze Drying process is a complicated dehydration method which describes the gentlest form of preservation and full flavor. The freshly harvested crops are frosted and freeze-dried in vacuum chambers. Water retained in the plants' cells as ice is sublimed by a very mild process. Flavour, shape, colour, piece size and consistency of the raw produce are not altered, to ensure a taste as good as fresh. The open cell structures which this process creates enable the rapid re-absorption of water, which is ideal for instant products. The advantages of freeze-drying at a glance: 1- High efficiency with very low input weight 2- Easy storage and handling during production 3- Long shelf-life without use of preservatives 4- Colour and cell structure remain 5- Intensive aroma 6- High level of vitamins and minerals Uses of freeze dried products: 1- Ready to eat soups2- Fruits with cereals 3- Vegetables with noodles 4- In flavours production 5- Fruits in cereal bars 6- Freeze dried herbs and spices (retail packed)

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